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Hello, friend.

How have you been? After a decade’s worth of winters spent in Southern California, it’s been a particularly sweet spring over here in Sag Harbor. 

There’s a lot said about detoxing this time of year, but much like the “New Year, New You'' premise, the underlying value proposition is often about selling us more stuff. And while I am not mad about a new dry brush, the deeper opportunity here has nothing to do with consumerism. On the contrary, it’s probably about less stuff not more.

The season offers a unique vantage point, one aligned with the natural world. Fresh starts are occurring all around us, conspiring in our favor. To tap into that good stuff, here’s a glimpse into my personal Spring journaling ritual (which doesn’t require any form of acquisition). 

I’ve learned that taking out the neurological trash is great, but unless we fill that vacuum with substitute behaviors, old patterns simply reemerge. So don’t just eschew whatever’s holding you back, detoxing can also mean upgrades and swaps.

Quiet things down, and from that space have a look both around and inward. Create two columns on a blank page: 

(1) Release - This is your “life broom.” A list of what’s getting sloughed off, moving it up and out. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. 

(2) Ready - Whatever you are ready, willing and able to welcome. Windows and doors open, come on in and have a seat at the table. 

I find it useful to have the items in each column correlate with one another for a sense of balance and parity. It helps me identify patterns. But this isn’t a test so please don’t get too hung up on doing it correctly. There is no right or wrong here. 

To give you a running start, here’s some of what’s on my Spring Detox lists this season:

I like to tack my lists up where I can see them regularly - on a pinboard above a workspace or the inside of a bathroom mirror are two good spots - offering daily reminders to myself. Afterall, habits can be sticky. 

All of the above are intended as suggestions, a jumping off point for you to make this process your own. Enjoy the exploration and let me know if I can do anything to support your pen to paper practice.

Happy Spring…

In Swellness,


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