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Upcoming Workshops

The word essay from the French verb “essayer,” which means to try. At AllSwell, we’re big fans of this little word. Provide yourself with the permission to give it a go without judging the outcome. We’re not asking you to be published in The Atlantic or hang your work on the walls of The Gagosian. So, let’s take that off the table for now. Hey, if you get there, we’ll be your biggest fans, swear. We simply want you to remember that you have an innate creative voice and to hear what it has to say.

AllSwell @ Endeavor
August 8th
Hollywood, CA
Private Event for WME

AllSwell x The Montauk Beach House
August 18th
Montauk, NY
Presented by Two Chicks
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AllSwell @ Malia Mills
August 22nd
South Hampton, NY
Presented by A Wild Dove
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AllSwell x Sisstrevolution
September 14th
Carlsbad, CA
with Changing Tides Foundation
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AllSwell @ The Oaks School
September 19th
Hollywood, CA
Private Event

AllSwell x Prima
October 8th
@Santa Monica Proper Hotel
Santa Monica, CA
Private Event 

AllSwell @ The Well
November 5th
New York City, NY
Private Event

AllSwell x Paige Novick
November 6th
New York, NY @ Le Board
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AllSwell @ Alo Yoga
November 21st
Beverly Hills, CA
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AllSwell Workshop
April 23, 2020
Santa Cruz, CA
Private Event



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