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Well, 2017 hasn’t been boring

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Well, 2017 hasn’t been boring. Staying true to our ethos of providing useful and fundamentally good information to fill our brains and expand our perspective, we assembled a line up of stuff to read, watch and listen to – and even an app that rocked our analog perception. We learned the importance of following our gut with entrepreneur Magnus Walker and discovered the proper way to bid winter farewell. We hope you enjoy the brain food…

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds, The New Yorker

We’re talking human perception, the power of belief and confirmation bias because, in the age of alternative facts, a scientific know-how is necessary. Peek at what makes us think, feel and act based on belief, rather than objective truth, above.

Fred Bass, From Scratch

This is a great podcast in general but we specifically adore this conversation with Fred Bass, the second generation owner of The Strand – one of our favorite bookstores in the world. In his late 80’s he is still actively engaged in the business because it’s what he loves. We should all be so lucky.

Go With Your Gut Feeling, Magnus Walker TEDxUCLA

Another entrepreneur, Magnus Walker, on doing what moves you. Successful on multiple fronts, his story is one of an unlikely series of events, blending music, fashion and fast cars into a series of career moves that were driven (pun intended) by his authentic passions. Get inspired and follow your gut to the link up top.

The Smoking Lounge, Seth’s Blog

iPhone is the new cigarette? The always brilliant Seth Godin offers up bite-size offerings daily, this one certainly resonated with us.  

Moment, Smart Phone Application

Inspired by “Irresistible,” the best-selling book about addictive technology by Adam Altar, we downloaded this app recently and have been shocked to see how much screen time we’re logging. Consider this a reality check.

The Best Winter Road Trips, Outside Online

This has been an epic winter for snowbunnies and pow-heads. Winter’s wrapping up, but there’s enough time for one last cold weather trek. From Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to BC’s Powder Highway, there’s lots to see, hear and do on the snowy open road. Get the deets from Outside Online above.

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