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Failure, boredom, lack of focus: who knew these would become laudable traits?

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Failure, boredom, lack of focus. Who knew these would become laudable traits? In the aftermath of the “you showed up so you get an award” mentality and the overly-connected digital moment we are all having, being a bit of a mess seems like a good idea according to the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times and The Atlantic. We have to give our brains time to breathe. I find this encouraging. All the Lady Boss hashtagging and Monday Hustle motivational posts leave me a little unimpressed. (Maybe they should switch to decaf?) Downtime is the new overtime.

Picking something deeply moving and quietly sticking with it is what poet W.S. Merwin did when he moved to a desolate piece of property and slowly turned it into a palm tree reserve in Haiku, Hawaii. It was probably messy along the way, but the result is stunning.

An Ode to The Joy and Madness of the B-Side, Vinyl Factory

We’re assuming you’ve tuned in to a few vinyl A-Sides in your day, but what about B-Sides? We’re huge fans because they’re always just a little bit different. Something so creative, record labels and bands couldn’t understand ‘em, but with artists like Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, B-Sides became hit makers too. Explore the history and culture B-Sides came to create at the link above.  

Ten Years Cured: Some Things I Know, Keep A Breast

Learn and learn some more. It’s part of what we believe here at AllSwell, that any experience (good, bad or ugly) can be a teacher. And disease did just that for our founder Laura Rubin. To honor being ten years cured of cancer, she recently shared those lessons with Keep A Breast and Non-Toxic Revolution. Visit the link up top for some insight into Laura’s experience and ten things that’ve come into focus since. Hint: there’s more to come from this, so keep an eye on our Instagram.

Coffee Shops Skip Wi-Fi to Encourage Customers to Actually Talk, New York Times

Coffee culture in North America is changing. From Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Toronto, Ontario, coffee shops are opting out of the oh so appealing free Wi-Fi offer to encourage *gasp* eye contact and stimulating conversation. So put away those laptops, grab pen and paper, invite a friend and make your next cafe experience one you won’t soon forget, analog and all. Learn more about the trend up top.  

Stoked Lifestyle Podcast by Steve Larosiliere 

Doers, risk-takers and change agents: this one’s for you. And we have STOKED founder Steve Larosiliere to thank for it. This dude’s goal is passion. Marrying your 9-to-5 skills with what you love to make something meaningful. It can be a business, a relationship, a non-profit. Whatever venture, Steve’s podcast will teach you how to do it with purpose and meaning. It’s great so tune in above.

Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus, Harvard Business Review

How much focus is too much? And vice versa? Well, Harvard Business Review is here to help you find out. Hint: it’s all about the “default mode network”, otherwise abbreviated as DMN. Trust us, you’ll want to dive deeper into this one. Visit the link above for all the answers.

The Palm Trees and Poetry of W.S. Merwin, The New Yorker

We’ll put it plainly: you must see this movie. ‘Even Though The Whole World Is Burning’ explores U.S. Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin’s life and work traced in conjunction with his reforestation efforts in Haiku, Hawaii, where he restored 19 acres of land on Maui’s northern coast. If ever there was a man more representative of what AllSwell stands for, it would be him. So hurry up and watch.

(It’s Great to) Suck at Something, New York Times

Suck at anything? We mean really suck? We’re here to tell you It’s okay. And after you read this kick-ass story in the Times, you’ll believe it too. Failing is an exercise in humility and empathy, no more, no less. So get yours at the link above. And remember, the more you try, the better you’ll get. And the better you get, the more you’ll succeed.

Boredom Is Good For You, The Atlantic

No seriously, it is. Boredom can spur creativity and help keep you focused. It’ll reset your thought process, which can lead to innovative and creative solutions. Don’t believe us? All the psychological and scientific findings can be found in the Atlantic Article above. Click on and bore yourself every once in awhile.

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