Our creative engines are well on their way with 2017 – AllSwell Creative

Our creative engines are well on their way with 2017

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Our creative engines are well on their way with 2017. To keep the momentum we’ve put together a great collection of recent online finds to inspire and drive you through the remaining winter months. We’re talking introspection, the beauty of error, Patti Smith and more. Put your brain to work. Don’t forget your AllSwell notebook.

How Does It Feel, The New Yorker

“It occurred to me then that, although I did not live in the time of Arthur Rimbaud, I existed in the time of Bob Dylan.” — Patti puts it best. The musical magnate and author extraordinaire reflects on her performance of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” at the Nobel Prize ceremony earlier this month. Things didn’t go as planned, showing that even the most iconic artists are human like the rest of us. Perfectionism is overrated. Read on above.

Boxing Match: Watch Female Hare Punch Her Suitor, National Geographic

Feminist bunnies? Why not? These boxing bad-asses don’t suffer fools. It takes more than dinner and a bottle of wine to win over these furry ladies. In all seriousness, unlike other mammals where the males battle it out for a female, mountain hare battles are almost always between males and females. Check out the vid above.

Blue LEDs Light Up Your Brain, Scientific American

Tech is a big emitter of blue light and it’s keeping you up at night. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Light, especially of the particular blue wavelength, suppresses melatonin, i.e. your body’s own personal sedative. But there are plenty of ways to counteract this dynamic. More on that above. Sweet dreams…

Why Walt Whitman Called America the ‘Greatest Poem’, The Atlantic

Walt Whitman thinks Americans have a lot poetic potential. We appreciate his optimism. The brilliant 19th century poet and essayist linked the ideals of democracy to the function of poetry. A welcome dose of patriotism during uncertain times. Click on above.

Ray Bradbury on How List-Making Can Boost Your Creativity, Brain Pickings

We’re big fans of list-making. Not just the kind for a grocery run, they can be a helpful container and a key creative tool. Ray Bradbury shows us ways of using them to tap into our subconscious mind and bring the good stuff to the surface.

How Abundant is Your Life, Really? Here’s Your Abundance Assessment, Mind Body Green

Abundance assessment isn’t about checking your bank account. We’re loving this specific tactic, measuring balance and contentment with day-to-day activities, giving you a chance to look deeper through guiding questions.

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