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a “done list” is the new to-do list

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Hi, friend. 

It’s true, I love a list. 

I’ve started a new journaling practice. In the evening I don’t just write down my to-do list for the following day/s. Before I look forward, I look back.

I take a beat to reflect, noting the various ways in which I looked after myself that particular day. A “done list” is my new to-do list precursor. 

I jot down the smallish stuff that I’ve been meaning to do. Such as: 

+ used my S.A.D. light in the morning 
+ fit in a quick MWH workout
+ called my Mom
+ sipped bone broth, hooray for collagen
+ exceeded my steps goal 
+ submitted latest (final?!) book proposal draft to a literary agent 
+ took my vitamins - allll of them 
+ returned those ugly boots (I’m bad at e-commerce) 
+ brought home big camellia branches to flower indoors
+ didn’t look at screens for an hour before bed
+ dry brushed to detox
+ reduced monthly banking fees 
+ refilled humidifier at night instead of ignoring that it’s empty and waking up dry as the Sahara 

Nothing here is winning me any awards. But in creating that list I think, “Dayum, I take pretty good care of myself.” I’m gifting myself a dopamine hit for being a good steward of my own person.

This is the opposite of goal setting. It’s a little victory lap, which then helps me stay motivated to keep going (and steer away from bad influences).  

Try it out and let me know what you think. Your “done list” will look different than mine, of course. But I hope you’ll get a similar kick of satisfaction as you claim some small wins along the way to your big triumphs.

In Swellness,

Photo Credit: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley exhibiting bad habits in “Absolutely Fabulous”

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