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Have the time?

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Hello, friend. 

As human beings we can simultaneously have multiple - and seemingly opposing - emotional experiences. We can be grateful for one dynamic while grieving another. We can be both excited and nervous at the same time. Even great news can take some getting used to. 

For example - a positive change, one that we planned towards and hoped for, may come with a mixed bag of emotions. 

  • Scoring a dream job or client we prayed for - and now it’s about “I really want to deliver because I care about this A LOT,” or facing down imposter syndrome.  
  • A romantic relationship with a partner you adore shifting to an elevated level of commitment - and giving up your familiar autonomy. 
  • Moving to an idyllic location, such as a Hawaiian island - and away from the home and community you know.
  • A kiddo gets into the school of their choice - and this means they’re growing up and, ultimately, away. 
This juxtaposition is where words like “bittersweet” and “poignant” come from. And thank goodness for complexity, otherwise things get into pretty basic territory. Not my zip code. 

I used to see this as a personal shortcoming. “Why can’t you just be happy?” Because I’m a thoughtful person and experience the world as a nuanced place. That’s why. Now instead of regarding this trait as something that needs fixing, I celebrate it. Hello emotional capacity, you're pretty amazing.

It’s also a wonderful place from which to create because when you don’t see the world in binaries, there’s a lot more room to play. Which brings me to a twin concept that I want to share with you…

You are right on time.
And: The time is now.

The feeling that we are somehow behind, creatively lagging behind others is a pretty standard place to falter. It’s easy to get bogged down in “why bother?” because it seems like it’s all been done / said / written / painted / whatever by others already.

But nobody has your exact set of experiences and perspectives except for you. You’re an original. So don’t worry yourself with what others are doing or not doing. Just make stuff that moves you and don’t pollute the pool with comparison.

You’re not late. Congrats. Maybe you needed some extra time to steep in order for your brilliance to be born? Point is, here you are.

AND, don’t stall out now. Why? Because…
  • You have to make stuff in order to have made stuff.
  • Even if it’s not perfect, starting is much better than not starting.
  • Pretty much the only way to improve your craft is to do things on repeat.
  • And someone out there in the world might need (probably needs) exactly what you have to offer. 
So yeah, there is a sense of urgency. However, the stakes aren’t about messing up, they’re about being freed up so you can be the best version of yourself - a creatively expressed human, with all your beautiful intricacy.

As always, if you need some support along the way, I am here to help. Either way, I'm up in the bleachers, cheering for you.

In Swellness,
Photo Credit: Tupak Shakur, photographer unknown

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