Dispatch 27: AllSwell Joins The Cult//A Conversation with Drea Sobiesk – AllSwell Creative

Dispatch 27: AllSwell Joins The Cult//A Conversation with Drea Sobieski of The Cult Collective

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Intro: Free-thinking travelers and stylish creatives can find a home in The Cult Collective, the digital magazine established by Drea Sobieski. We dig her. We dig her people. So to share the love, we’ll be gifting AllSwell notebooks to a few folks who sign up for the Cult Collective’s Newsletter through this link and follow @thecultcollective & @allswellcreative on Instagram, as well. To kick off the lovefest Drea let us ask her a bunch of nosy questions.

Name: Drea Sobieski

Trade: Editor / Eternally Curious Human

What’s your favorite writing instrument? Pigma Micron Pen in 01!

What role does creativity play in your livelihood as well as your personal life? Not only do I thrive off of other people’s creativity and ideas, but I hope to be creative in all aspects of my life, merging work and play and always pushing my creative limits.

When was the last time you went analog? I actually carry a Kodak disposable camera in my car at all times, just in case the moment beckons. Some things are just better captured in film.

How do you go about gathering new inspiration for The Cult Collective? Oh man, everywhere. Conversations with people like you, other creatives, social media, overhearing people out and about, even people’s energy - the way someone makes me feel in a given moment. And for me, spending some solo time in nature on my hikes or runs is always personally rejuvenating and helps me compartmentalize my ideas, which in a way is inspiring.

If you could flip through the journal of anyone (living or deceased) who would it be? This is such a good question! I’m a huge Jean Michel Basquiat fan - I’d love to get inside his brain and read his journal. Artists fascinate me.

The Cult Collective’s Manifesto states pretty clearly your goals and dreams. What rebels and freethinkers inspire you? Other artists and entrepreneurs - eternally curious people who are doing things a bit differently, living life for the pursuit of pleasure, not material things. Currently: Puno from MadeWithMap, Marianna from El Camino Travel, Photographer Grant Legan, and Chelsea Matthews of Matte Black.  

What are your hopes for the future of The Cult Collective? I hope to build an inspiring and positive destination for creatives, young travelers, rebels, and drifters (bohèmes) to gather and share creative content centered around travel and independence. At its core, CULT emphasizes the notion that life embraces the pursuit of pleasure, not material things. I hope to build a community that reflects that.

And finally, what do you love about the AllSwell Notebook? Easy - AllSwell feeds both sides of my brain. The brand in itself is such a positive and encouraging brand, and you can feel that energy when the notebook is in your hands.

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