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Are we there yet?

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Hello, friend. 

It’s been a bit since I delivered a Resource Round-Up. Frankly, I didn’t think anyone needed to be looking at a screen for even a single moment more. But now I’m feeling something else, something that resembles “being inspired” again (!!!). And wow, it’s good to be back. I hope you’re feeling a shift, too. 


Recently someone asked me if I thought that we’d stay in a heightened state of appreciation or if we would backslide, eventually bemoaning traffic and the usual frustrations. My answer?  In my experience, the human condition tends to drive us to level-set after a while. We get used to whatever is normal - in part as a sophisticated coping mechanism


I felt this way years ago after the trauma of being seriously ill. I thought I’d never take a single moment of my life for granted again. But actually I did find my  way back to some semblance of normalcy, and that’s not a bad thing. I wouldn’t be able to put air in my tires let alone floss my teeth if I lived in a constant state of palpable exaltation. Down girl. 


As I healed, rather than an immediate big, dramatic shift, what occurred were more subtle, deeper changes over time. My values shifted and a new set of coordinates emerged. They showed up gradually and eventually brought me here to you


During that time, I wrote a lot. As a way of bearing witness to the events in my own life, for after-the-fact processing (i.e. “Wait, what the hell just happened??”) and slowly mapping out what might come next. 


With that in mind, I hope you’ll consider doing the same because: putting pen to paper works. It also helps maintain the welcome sense of appreciation many of us are now feeling. You’ve earned this, so let’s try to weave that good stuff into life as we move forward. 


And please check out the latest crop of resources below. There might be something that will float your boat and make your hardworking brain happy. 


In Swellness, 



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Creative people sleep more, later and less well

Are you a visual or verbal creative? Have you ever thought to ask yourself that question? Well, depending on which type of creative you may be, a new study found that sleep quality correlates directly to your answer. This further strengthens the hypothesis that creativity is not a uniform concept, it has different psycho-biological expressions. Find out more at the link above and you may learn a little something about yourself. 

Photo Credit: Cha McCoy

4 Black Sommeliers Share Their Perfect Pour And How The Industry Is Changing

In an industry that is overwhelmingly homogeneous, Kristin Braswell highlights Black sommeliers, interviews them about some of their favorite bottles and how they hope the wine industry can be more inclusive. We’ll drink to that.

Photo Credit: Illustrations by Alessandra Olanow

I Used To Have A Plan

This past year has been full of unexpected change and loss. Alessandra Olanow shares her wise and witty illustrations, providing valuable inspiration to those of us who need a reference point during disorienting times. Nearly every page reveals an “oh, I feel that” moment. Fun fact: Long before she was an Instagram sensation, Alex created the AllSwell logo and designed the illustrations for our first two notebooks.

Photo credit: Ashley Barrett

Meet Laura Rubin: Journaling Expert, Creative Coach, Founder Of AllSwell Creative

If you’re an entrepreneur (or thinking about becoming one) check out this interview with our founder Laura Rubin about her professional journey, which includes plenty of humbling moments, as well as successes. And see her list of favorite LA resources to spend an ideal day with an out-of-towner. But why wait for a visitor? Be your own guest.

Photo credit: @BVBSLC

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance To Start Over

If it’s time for you to dream up what your post-pandemic world looks like, check out this article in The Atlantic. It outlines helpful pen-to-paper exercises to help you discover the activities and habits you want to keep - and those that you don’t.

Photo Credit: James Chester

The Oldest Productivity Trick Around

While social media has turned the checkmark into a status symbol, this author is reclaiming it as an effective analog tool. If you’re looking for a simple, yet powerful technique to improve your daily productivity, check this story out. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Photo Credit: Alexis Toumazis

What Will Our Brains Be Like Post COVID-19?

This article asserts that we have each been on our own hero’s journey this past year, and that our brains can emerge better for it via post-traumatic growth. To achieve this state, Dr. Tara Swart suggests journaling–or voice / video journaling–to help release troubling thoughts and reinforce positive messaging. Learn how at the link above.

Photo Credit: Pepi de Boissieu

The French Market Cookbook

It’s official: we have cooked every single one of our “usual suspect” recipes to-death. Coming across this chic little cookbook performed a miracle. It actually reignited our desire to reenter the kitchen and create. And it’s veggie-centric which feels reassuringly virtuous.

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