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Allison Kunath On Going With Your Gut

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Photo by Corey McLean

There are artists, and then there's Allison Kunath, a badass lass on a mission to explore and create with as much feeling as possible. Kunath, known for her minimal watercolors and geometric murals, travels the world, making art and surfing as she goes. She lives her life with creative intent, art in action if you will, and we're honored to be hosting a drawing workshop with her next month. Get to know this amazing woman below and join us from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at The Venice Beach House on May 12th.

You’re a self described “sensation junkie.” What does that mean?

I'm a sucker for the good stuff, and I've come to really prioritize things that bring me pleasure. So much of my inspiration comes from times when I'm feeling fully alive, with my senses activated. A meal that teaches me about flavors I've never tasted, music that brings me to my knees, the feeling in my gut at the top of a mountain or the drop of a wave, the joy of falling in love, or the pain of falling out. Feeling things deeply is a big part of my human experience, and I'm a bit obsessed with the lessons my sensations teach me. 

How do you stay hungry?

I like this question. Feels like a more generative approach to the commonly asked 'how do you stay inspired?' For me, inspiration is very much about asking the right questions, and curiosity is a huge part of how I stay hungry. Finding ways to maintain a sense of wonder, openness, and inquisitiveness keeps my long list of ideas to explore growing. Time in nature, and vulnerable interactions with other people are also high on my list.

You’ve worked in several mediums: ceramics, fabric dying, jewelry etc. How, if at all, do they influence each other?  

Working in different mediums is a great way to stay in flow when one form of expression (painting, for instance) starts to feel a bit stuck. My North Star (general theme of exploration) remains the same, and each new medium gives me a chance to dig in differently.

When do you feel most creative?

I've got the most juice when I'm feeling good. I do process tough times with my work as well, but I've always felt much more expressive when I'm lit up. Lots of quiet time for introspection, beautiful natural surroundings, tons of sweat, and lots of laughter pretty much give me what I need to feel creative.

Photo by Michael Libis

Tell us something unexpected from your most recent trip.

I just got back from a quickie to Todos Santos with a small group of friends. It's always possible to get skunked on a short trip like that - but we happened to find a quiet little break that we had completely to ourselves 3 days in a row (save for the company of surf legend Gerry Lopez!)

What’s a recent connection you’ve explored or are exploring through your work?

In my current series, Inner Architecture, I'm exploring ways to visualize the different elements of my personality and life experience that have really shaped who I am. I'm using minimal, geometric forms to tell the story of my connection to myself. 

Favorite quote. Go!  

“Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny, for what could more aptly fit your needs?” - Marcus Aurelius 

 What drew you to geometric shapes and structures?

I have a graphic design background, and a lot of my thoughts are filtered through design thinking. I lean towards all things clean and minimal. Maybe it's a way for my brain to simplify the complex patterns of the human experience into something more organized and digestible.

Do you put pen to paper? If so, what was the last thing you put on a page? Tell us about it. 

I write almost every day. Mostly morning-pages style, to get the thoughts out of my head, and make room for clear creations. I'm dating someone new. So these days I am doing a lot of pen-to-paper about past relationship patterns that I'd like to leave behind, current feelings I'm swimming in (the excitements and the fears), and intentions for how I'd like to show up in this new dynamic.


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