Allswell Assistance Program

At AllSwell, we believe that creativity and mental health should not be luxuries, which is why we promote putting pen-to-paper as an intrinsically low cost tool for accessing both. We remain committed to serving our community members who are interested in this work but may not have the funds to commit towards it. As well as offering free digital events and pro-bono workshops for charitable partners, we’re extending this effort through the AllSwell Assistance Program - because we could all use an assist from time to time. 

How it Works

Each month we will donate a 1:1 Creative Coaching personalized session with AllSwell founder Laura Rubin to an individual on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enrollment will begin at the start of each month (applications due by the 20th). So if you feel you’d benefit from a 1:1 session but it’s beyond your means, please reach out. 

You can apply through emailing us at with information about how you’d like to use the session (launch a business, start/finish a project, find your innate voice, etc.). In addition, please use the below guidelines to inform your request. This helps us maintain the program and provide sessions to those who experience a combination of these circumstances:

  • It’s difficult to meet basic needs  
  • Have unmet housing needs or experience housing instability
  • Have no access to savings / very limited expendable income
  • Rarely buy new items because you are unable to afford them
  • Cannot afford vacations nor to take time off

We look forward to working with you.