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1:1 With AllSwell

Personalized Creative Coaching

Personalized Creative Coaching

For a personal experience, AllSwell Creative founder Laura Rubin offers one-on-one sessions. Think of it as a bespoke, creative slingshot.

Whether you’re looking to hone your personal / brand voice, have a project in the wings you haven’t been able to get started, are stalled on a looming deadline or generally want to boost your creative output, Laura - who has been called “the entrepreneur whisperer” - brings her years of experience as a brand storyteller, journalist, editor, creative director and journaling expert to customized sessions to help you get unstuck.


“If you are seeking a path towards conscious creativity, truly understanding your value, and having immovable belief in your offering, Laura is your woman!”

– writer and content creator Lex Weinstein


Your 1:1 Session includes:

  • Intake form to focus intent 
  • 60-minute personalized sessions customized around your goals, conducted via Zoom, Facetime or phone*
  • Zoom recording of your session to refer to (optional)
  • Guidance on how to access your innate creativity and better define what that voice sounds like, looks like
  • An understanding of the dynamics that may be holding you back and the tools to overcome them
  • Actionable tips and exercises to get a project on track, regardless of size.
  • Best practices to boost creativity on a day-to-day basis - at work and well beyond
  • Feedback tailored specifically to you, your process and lifestyle
  • A roadmap over a longer period of time for increased results

Feel free to try it out with a single session or commit to a series of 3 or 5 sessions to maximize upside and get preferred pricing. 

This is for individuals, solopreneurs, managers at businesses of all sizes (startup to Fortune 500), and forward-thinking C-suite executives. Creatives of all kinds are welcome here.  

*In person sessions can also be arranged (cost correlates to proximity).


“When I went freelance three years ago, I was overwhelmed by a level of writer’s block I had never experienced before in my career. After going to my first AllSwell journaling session, I adopted Laura’s “write for 10 minutes” lesson for those moments to relieve pressure and gently let the words flow without losing focus or allowing fear—or even an analytical mind—to create a barrier between me and the work. When the alarm goes off, within that brain dump I can always find a fruitful direction if not a usable line or glimmer of an idea. I’ve gotten through entire pieces in ten-minute segments. When I’m not working, I use AllSwell’s deck of prompts to bring back the joy to free writing.”

– journalist Mackenzie Wagoner

“I cannot recommend Laura Rubin more highly! Her offering is a treasure, and a worthy investment that will bear fruit for years to come. The words “mentor,” “teacher,” or “coach” all seem to fall short when I think of the role Laura has played... She is the voice of reason and compassion that interrupts my inner dialogue when I get stuck in a rut, and her insights provide an anchored, grounding energy that challenge my most relentless negative spirals...her ability to hold space during my most vulnerable battles with self doubt have facilitated my own excavation of clarity in the deepest rubble of creative block. A therapist can’t touch the kind of artistic healing Laura provides when it comes to discovering your true voice, authentic approach, and unique path in the world as a working creative.”

– writer and content creator Lex Weinstein

Have questions? Email us: info@allswellcreative.com.