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About Laura Rubin

Laura began AllSwell as a way to invite more people to the page, encouraging analog creativity in all its forms.

Since establishing the brand, Laura has changed the cultural narrative around “keeping a journal,” empowering individuals in the process. A passionate champion for the written word, she grounds her group experiences and individual coaching sessions in scientific research to shift the perception of this accessible modality for greater mental, emotional and physiological wellbeing. 

Her expertise is regularly called upon by organizations and brands including Adobe, Alo, Design Hotels, Fujifilm, Goop, The Proper Hotel Group, Seedlip, William Morris Endeavor and Violet Grey among others, leading her trademark pen-to-paper workshops in both consumer-facing and business-to-business settings. 

Laura taps into her professional experience (at USA Networks and Ernst & Young), as well as over 15 years running the communications and marketing boutique she founded (Left Left Right), to address the needs of AllSwell’s corporate and entrepreneurial clients. Laura is also a published journalist and contributing editor to Whalebone Magazine. 


About AllSwell

AllSwell’s mission is big -- to help people wake up to their own voice, personal path and radical self-worth through creativity. 

Communications pro Laura Rubin launched AllSwell seven years ago with the purpose of educating people about the wide-ranging, meaningful benefits of journaling. 

Born from a morning surf check with uninspiring results, Laura sat on the beach and journaled instead. She wrote “Swell or no swell, all’s well” and an idea for a brand was born. She recognized journaling had a bit of a “PR problem” and wanted to invite more people to reap the mental and emotional benefits of putting pen to paper. 

With a dedication to quality design and environmental sensitivity, Laura introduced the brand with a suite of products to encourage analog expression and grew it to include original live workshops, digital experiences and 1:1 creative coaching. 

Choose a notebook and put the words on the page or draw your vision in images. Need help jump-starting your creativity?  Attend one of our workshops or book a 1:1 creative coaching session and you’ll be well on your way to tapping into your innate voice.