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What's better than a sugar rush?

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Hey, friend

It’s time to redefine what Valentine’s Day is about. At the center of this day, it’s about the relationships you cherish whether that’s with your special someone, family, friends or yourself. So skip the sugar highs and cheesy cards to focus on what really matters - deepening your most valued bonds.

Journaling can be a powerful tool to strengthen your important relationships. In fact, a 2006 study found that when a person journaled about her or his romantic partner for three days they were significantly more likely to be dating their romantic partner three months later than those who did not. Additionally, only one person in the couple journaled about her or his partner. Journaling was like the glue and propelled the longevity of the relationship.

So my Valentine’s Day gift to you, my valued crew of creatives, is this journaling activity that I’ve adapted from my AllSwell workshops. Whether you want to further cultivate your current relationship or increase your self-love (we could all use a little more), this exercise can support both:

For the couples, write out a list of things you like, enjoy and admire about your partner. These can be anything from qualities, traits, attributes or just general things you like about her or him. Your list should span at least 10. 15 might be a bit harder and, for extra credit, expand your list to 25 or 30.

For the self lovers, write out a list of things you like, enjoy and admire about yourself. Again, these can be qualities, traits, attributes or anything you like about yourself. Get to at least 10 things on your list. Challenge yourself and push it to 15 or, for extra credit, go all the way to 25 or 30.

Take some time to unplug and experience the benefits of journaling with these prompts. Writing a valentine to yourself is one of the most important activities you can do. It helps build self-worth which is the root of any healthy relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day...

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