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Elvis' private planes

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Image Credit: Cochineal Marfa, Graceland, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis Presley, 1962, Audiobooks

Hi, friend. 

Just in time for summer explorations, here’s Into it: the roadtrip edition.

I have driven across the country twice in 10 months. Just me, a dear friend and my pup. In fact, we had so much fun the first time we decided to take the same ethos of keeping a loose itinerary and bring it to a different, southern route. Sharing some of the highlights we encountered along the way. 

And of course, nothing feels as good after a long trip than coming back to your own bed. Especially when it’s dressed in buttery Coyuchi bedding. That was one sweet homecoming! 

In Swellness,

Image Credit: Laura Rubin

White Sands National Park

Here we are at White Sands, tongues out, agog at these otherworldly dunes of powder-fine gypsum in the middle of New Mexico. 275 square miles of them, to be exact. It was deliciously quiet, like the volume knob on life had been turned way down. And the sand is so soft you can climb the dunes barefoot. Apparently this is also where the Boyz II Men video for “Water Runs Dry” was shot. So be careful otherwise you’ll have that song stuck in your head halfway to Marfa.

Photo credit: Cochineal Marfa

Cochineal Marfa

I’m not sure I'm ready for Texan wine but I ate antelope steak for the first time at this locally-sourced restaurant and it was delicious. My friend is a pescetarian and she also found plenty of good things to enjoy at this buzzy and beautiful spot, helmed by James Beard Semi-Finalist Executive Chef Alexandra Gates. Plus their cocktails are top notch. Go see Gabriel at the bar and tell him I sent you. 

Photo credit: Laura Rubin

Graceland | The Home of Elvis Presley

It turns out Elvis was a design-head, actively involved in the interiors of Graceland, which were updated frequently. Touring the house itself was brilliant - and actually much more moving than I expected especially seeing private home movies of a young, fit father with his bride and child, knowing it would all go so terribly awry. But it was Elvis' immense car collection and airplanes that really stole the show. 24 carat gold seatbelt buckles on his plane (the Lisa Marie). Custom citrus-hued leather seats on his jet. Elvis wasn’t afraid of color - from a bright yellow Scout to Cadillacs in pink and purple and beyond, he had nearly the full Crayola box covered. Pro tip: Check out Central BBQ while you’re in Memphis for some slow-smoked deliciousness.

Photo credit: Eva Blue

"We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: Essays" by Samantha Irby

At some point you feel like you’ve listened to every Podcast known to man, every playlist ever created - and high literature isn’t going to cut it. You need something that is going to help you not just pass the time, but laugh your way to Texarkana. Enter the talented and hilarious Samantha Irby. Favorite chapter: Irby dispensing advice on how to navigate friendships with former drinking buddies who are now suburban moms (hang in there for the Costco loot!).

Photo credit: Trina Yin

Better in Bed

We stayed at some pretty basic spots along the way. As my companion pointed out, it would be a waste because we were only sleeping at these “accommodations” (I don’t think they quite merit the term hotel). So that first night in my own bed I did a swan dive into the swaddling comfort of premium, organic Coyuchi linens. The good folks at Coyuchi asked me to pen a blog post about getting the most out of a pen to paper practice (AM / PM) from the comfort of your bed, which you can read here. Added bonus: Treat yourself to some of their exquisiteness and use code “LAURALRUBINIG” for 15% off. 

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