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AllSwell Gift Pack
AllSwell Gift Pack
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AllSwell Gift Pack

Give good gift: Be a baller and get the full suite of thoughtfully designed AllSwell products for a lucky recipient. All wrapped up in a gift box with a customizable, personalized note so you’re sure to get the credit for all this awesomeness. 

The gift pack includes…

1 The Deck

The Deck provides a thought-provoking mix of daily creative prompts. They were developed in collaboration with psychiatrist Dr. Monisha Vasa so you know they’re legit. Each card includes a “Write” and a “Draw” prompt. Shuffle them up, grab a pen and see what emerges.

1 pack AllSwell Postcards

For this cheeky-but-nice assortment of postcards, we teamed up with the elegant wiseasses at Terrapin Stationers. 

Pack of 8 different slightly oversize postcards (4” x 6”), all printed domestically right here in the US of A and minimally packaged in a biodegradable cellulose envelope.

1 Notebook

Comprised of 144 blank pages waiting to be filled with your brilliance: 72 lined (write) and 72 unlined (draw). Made in America out of recycled materials because we like nature. 

The interior covers of Notebook #1 feature original illustrations of items that correlate to either writing or drawing: a bottle of India ink, a Pink Pearl eraser, classic Bic pen, etc. by illustrator Alessandra Olanow

Notebook #2 features a cover with surfer and artist Kassia Meador’s photography on the exterior, and illustrations on the interior covers of items that lend themselves to a full day deployment at the beach: swim fins, a ukulele, an old-school Igloo-style cooler, a cold bottle of Bud, etc. Created in collaboration with Kassia Surf, Summer Bummer, and EIR.Kassia Surf, Summer Bummer and EIR.

Teaming with Emily Nathan, founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly and published artist, we’ve created AllSwell’s newest notebook in the series, Notebook No.3. Illustrations by artist Jimmy Mezei grace the inside double-sided design covers, while photos by Emily decorate the outside cover, based on the twin trips to Tahiti and Tofino