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Workshops for Businesses

AllSwell founder Laura Rubin will help your team tap into their creative flow-state through writing-based exercises and provide the tools to establish (or deepen) a regular journaling practice.

Why you should consider journaling for your business:

  • Team Building
  • Better Communication
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Increased Innovation
  • Health Benefits

Options include:

  • Core Workshop for which you select from AllSwell’s existing themes and suite of content options
  • Custom Workshop with content developed to dovetail with your organizational goals, language and themes
  • Custom Workshop with event production including event design and execution to maximize the efficacy of the experience

AllSwell B2B Workshops are adapted to your business goals and budget. All experiences include AllSwell notebooks and writing implements.

What businesses have to say:

“We absolutely loved having Laura lead a custom writing workshop for employees through our Wellness Program. She is truly talented in the art of creating a comfortable, safe environment to be creative and thoughtful (in an often stressful setting.) Laura navigated the corporate environment effortlessly and connected with our team on a deep and thought provoking level. Journaling was a new experience in our program and we can’t wait to have her back.”
— Nikki Seidlin, Wellness Director, Endeavor

"Laura made everyone feel extremely comfortable from the start and fostered a unifying sense of creativity. Her workshop brought us closer together and helped revitalize our team's approach to creative work. I highly recommend the experience. It's been valuable both personally and professionally.”
— Zach Weisberg, Founder and CEO of The Inertia

“A single AllSwell workshop helped me see new opportunities in my business and where I was ignoring several quadrants of my life. The time and money invested had a 10x return in both profit and happiness.”
— Adam Rosante, Fitness Expert & Performance Coach

If you’re interested in bringing an AllSwell experience to your business, please contact us.