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The Notebook Bundle
The Notebook Bundle
The Notebook Bundle
$ 65

The Notebook Bundle

Save 12% on the price to purchase three notebooks individually.

A great gift for yourself or someone you know who prioritizes their creative expression.

Each notebook is comprised of 144 blank pages waiting to be filled with your brilliance: 72 lined (write) and 72 unlined (draw).

Notebook #1 features original illustrations of items that correlate to either writing or drawing: a bottle of India ink, a Pink Pearl eraser, classic Bic pen, etc. by illustrator Alessandra Olanow.

Notebook #2 features a cover with surfer and artist Kassia Meador’s photography on the exterior and illustrations on the interior covers of items that lend themselves to a full-day deployment at the beach: swim fins, a ukulele, an old-school Igloo-style cooler, a cold bottle of Bud, etc. It is the result of a collaboration with Kassia Surf, Summer Bummer and EIR.Kassia Surf, Summer Bummer and EIR.

Notebook #3 was created in collaboration with Emily Nathan, published artist and founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Illustrations by artist Jimmy Mezei grace the inside double-sided design covers, while photos taken by Emily on trips to Tahiti and Tofino decorate the outside cover.

Our notebooks are made in America out of recycled materials because we like nature.

8.5 x 6.5 inches, 144 pages

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